Digital Photography by Harry Spilker
Self Portrait                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Keep Out                                 
About the Artist


 Harry Spilker is a 25-year old young man with Down syndrome whose artistic medium is photography.  He captures images with his iPad or cell phone, often using special effects.  He then further manipulates the colors and other aspects of the pictures to create an artistic effect, using various apps on his devices.   Harry uses color to evoke a mood in his photographs.   He especially likes to photograph everyday objects and scenes and then create boldly colored abstract pieces that evoke an emotional response.

New Work - Spring, 2019

"Fire in the Sky" was taken recently at CATRA (Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Associaion) where I go for horseback riding lessons.

"Geyser" was taken at Letort Park n Carlisle when I was at IEP (Inclusive Employment Program).

"Winter Night" was taken at  Cave Hill Nature Center in Carlisle.

Fire in the Sky​


Winter Night

Leaves and Bubbles

Undersea Plants

Purple Clouds

OC Night

PA Stonehenge

Eastern Shore Beach

Red Rays


Honorable Mention
Mechanicsburg Art Center Show
"80 Square Inches or Less"

February, 2019


2nd prize in 2017 PCCA Annual Juried Exhibit

​I am honored that my photograph "Tree in Stained Glass" was recently awarded 2nd place in the 2017 Perry County Council of the Arts Annual Juried Exhibition.  

I also had two other photos accepted for the exhibition, "Japanese Wave" and "Waterfall".

Japanese Wave



Outer Space 2​

Outer Space 1​

Orb in Space

Black Orb

Sky and Clouds​​​​

Purple Sky

Sunset Sky​

Perspective 2

Orange Clouds

Painted Clouds​​


The city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania presents for Harry an especially rich setting for artistic expressiion.  Various shapes and colors inspire him to grab the image and create a new scene or fanciful object.
I love taking pictures of the Susquehanna at different times of the day. 

It's one of my favorite subjects

Night River

Storm Over the Susquehanna

Orange Sky Neon Bridge​

​​PA Stonehenge 

Red River

​​Under the Bridge

The Bridge Above

Heading 1

Cathedral Dome

I took this​​ picture of St. Patrick's Cathedral during an evening walk in the City.

Postcards From the 'Burg


"I get that.  I like different scenes with the river, trees and water as elements. "
Also, as in most of his work, the sky is a universal element  

Blue Sunset

Winter Trees

This was out the back door of my house, through the branches of the big sycamore tree in my back yard.

Fiery Tree

Two variations of a photo taken in Ocean City, September, 2018.

Morning Trees

Yellow Trees

​​Blue Trees

River View

Red Rocks

Lavender Tree

Rainbow Forest

This picture is like opening a door into the forest as it would exist in my imagination.  The different colors make a design, and it would be cool if the forest could be a 3D rainbow forest.  I open the door and the colors come in with the sun.


Sunday Along the Susquehanna

Red Lily Pads

  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 6

Rocks and Water

Keep Out


This is a picture of nature, but the colors are all wrong.  It suggests that something bad has happened here, like a chemical or nuclear accident.  The barbed wire says danger, keep out.  But how can we keep out of the world we live in once it's been destroyed?

Eye in the Sky

This is one of my first pictures.  I  was in study hall and decided to take a picture outside in the courtyard. I used my dad's phone.  I called it "Eye in the Sky".

Green Tree

Lavender Forest

​Red Grass and Willow

Swirling Waters

People As Subjects

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director



Music Man

Thumbs Up

The Story Behind "Thumbs Up"

​Harry received a special commission to create a photo for the Thumbs Up award, given by Family Services of Western PA to an outstanding employee. More information about the Thumbs Up award can be found at http://fswp.org/story/real-meaning-thumbs


4 Dads


Hand Me



Self Portrait in Shadow

The Matrix

Free Ride

Undersea Pickup Truck